Pickup Protection with PPF featuring the 2019 Ram 1500

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New Pickup Protection With PPF

Everyone wants to stay safe on the road, it’s a shared goal.

With the latest and greatest in automotive safety technologies, cars are becoming safer than ever before. However, not everyone is the great and courteous driver that you are. Some people don’t mind scuffing your new pickup in the grocery store parking lot with their beat up 1998 Honda Civic.

Treat your car the way you would want to be treated, protect it, with DuraShield Titan paint protection film and eliminate those worries. You will thank us later.


The 2019 Ram 1500 is one of our favorite models yet and we are excited to see it released this spring with several new features. If you get your hands on one of these beauties protect it with our film.

  • Interior
    • The interior of the Ram 1500 has a complete redesign. One of the key features includes the new 12 inch touchscreen “infotainment” system that gives you easier access to your favorite media.
  • Safety Features
    • The Ram 1500 has finally made use of blind-spot monitoring technology; a new 360-degree camera system; lane departure warning; automated emergency breaking; adaptive cruise control; LED headlights and more.
  • Lighter
    • The new chassis on the Ram 1500 keeps its strength while dropping some pounds, about 100 of them. The truck additionally dropped about 125 additional pounds in its aluminum components, breaking system, power steering, etc. for a total drop of 225 pounds from the previous model!

DuraShield - Titan

DuraShield Titan™ brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film and provides features to protect vehicle surfaces from a wide range of damaging elements.


SharpShield products provide superior protection for vehicle glass and painted surfaces.

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