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Why Stain Resistance Is Vital To PPF

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Written by Greg Duchinsky, Sharpline Converting Inc.




The primary function of paint protection film is to guard vehicle surfaces from damage caused by rock chips and road debris.  Top-quality PPF also provides great stain resistance from contaminants like road tar, bug splats, bird droppings, and hard water stains.

Stains vs. Modern Auto Paint

Some stains can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove if the stain’s chemistry combines with the paint. Modern automotive paint systems are sophisticated and costly to repair, so a highly stain-resistant PPF is the best choice for those looking to preserve their vehicle’s painted surfaces.

Layers of a regular paint job (2-stage)

Layers of a 3-stage (pearlescent or candy) paint job

Illustrations courtesy of Automotive Touch Up Professionals –

PPF & Stain Prevention Tips

Once you decide to use a high-quality PPF on your vehicle, here are some useful tips for effectively removing stains from the PPF:

  1. Remove stains as quickly as possible using a proper cleaner.  Clean up bug splats & bird droppings as soon as possible because acids in those items can permanently damage PPF if left uncleaned for days/weeks.
  2. Use an approved car wash soap and water before attempting to remove the stain with stronger chemicals.
  3. Isopropyl alcohol (up to 91%) is effective at removing stains from PPF. Multiple applications may be required to completely remove stains.
  4. Test cleaners on an inconspicuous spot on the PPF to ensure that they do not damage the film.
  5. Do not use gasoline, lacquer thinner, or other harsh chemicals to remove stains.

Titan XT™ PPF Has Excellent Stain Resistance

In conclusion, quality paint protection film needs superior stain-resistance for long-term durability to protect a vehicle’s vulnerable surfaces. Continuous stain resistance is a key benefit that DuraShield Titan XT™ will provide your vehicle.

DuraShield - Titan

DuraShield Titan™ brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film and provides features to protect vehicle surfaces from a wide range of damaging elements.


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