Are You Road Safe?

Wet weather, glare, pitted windshields, and darkness all compromise vision while driving. In the United States alone, there are over a million wrecks each year caused by poor visibility. On top of this, small rocks and road debris cause chips and cracks in windshields which can lead to high repair costs, or even worse, put the occupants of your vehicle safety at risk.

Our innovative new product uses chemistry to help reduce these concerns by addressing the underlying cause of many of these visibility issues: the physical structure of the automotive glass itself.

How does SharpShield Work?

Did you know Vehicle glass is not smooth? In fact, when viewed under a microscope, ridges and valleys are present in the surface of the glass. SharpShield™ bonds to the glass to fill in the ridges, adding 20% greater strength that lasts up to four years with no re-application.

  • Strengthens windshield and windows by 20%
  • Repels rain, snow, dirt, ice and makes them easier to remove.
  • Increases nighttime vision up to 35% while reducing glare.
  • Long lasting formula bonds to glass for up to 4 years.
  • Resists scratching and pitting.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Take your results even further with Sharpshield HP3™

SharpShield HP3™ is a long-lasting water repellant formulation that lasts up to two years with no additional application necessary. Apply after SharpShield™ or as a stand-alone product for windshields and all vehicle glass for excellent peripheral vision. Apply to wiper blades for even greater clarity.

No maintenance

No check up

No reapplications

Common SharpShield™ Questions

How does SharpShield strengthen glass?

SharpShield is a polymer suspended in water. When applied to glass, SharpShield will chemically bonding to the silica in glass and turn to solid form when the water carrier evaporates. Windshield glass has many imperfections that can only be seen microscopically. The chemical bond increases the structural integrity of the glass by filling in the imperfections.

How often do I need to reapply SharpShield?

SharpShield is formulated to bond to silica in glass and is not affected by detergents, wiper blades or minor abrasion. This makes the bond permanent for the life of the window.

Will SharpShield prevent all cracks on the windshield?

SharpShield can experience wear and tear from larger debris and road hazards. This product is not guaranteed to stop larger rocks that could potentially break the windshield, but will reduce the chances effects of a break.

How is the visibility improved at night?

Headlights and streetlights refract off of the imperfections in the windshield creating a “halo” effect and glare. SharpShield minimizes the imperfections which reduces the glare up to 35%.

How easy is SharpShield to apply?

Very easy. Only a few everyday items are needed and easy to follow instructions are included. No experience is needed.

Isn’t SharpShield like many of the other brand name repellent products already on the market?

Not at all. Most repellent items do only that, repel. SharpShield, while being very repellent also strengthens glass and improves nighttime visibility in any weather, not just rain and snow. Additionally, these products are made from silicone that sets on top of glass and does not bond. They are susceptible to detergents, wiper blades, and weather requiring reapplication.

Is SharpShield recommended for new or used windshields?

Both. Putting SharpShield on a new windshield before any damage can occur is always best. Although SharpShield will not fix existing damage, it will minimize risk of further damage and pitting.

Doesn’t insurance pay for glass replacement? Why should I care about the cost involved in replacement of a windshield?

Most insurance policies pay for small cracks and chip repairs only. Most do not cover costs of a new windshield. Many new vehicles require more difficult replacement due to electronics attached to the windshield and the need for calibration.

Who should use SharpShield?

SharpShield is made for use by all demographics of people, vehicles, and geographical areas. Reasons for purchasing are, but not limited to:

  • Winter treated roads that damage windshields
  • Frequent storms with heavy rains
  • Increased clarity from reduced pitting
  • Easier snow, ice, and bug removal
  • Increased visibility during night driving hours
  • Improved structural integrity of the windshield
  • Fewer repairs, lower costs than repairing or replacing windshields

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