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How To Get The Most Per Vehicle Profit With Car Paint Protection

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Let’s face it, the profit margins on new vehicles are growing slimmer and slimmer. According to J.D. Power and Associates, dealerships came in at a mere 1.2% average profit margin per new vehicle, down significantly from 2.1% in 2014. For car dealerships, this means a few things. Firstly, this puts more pressure than ever before on the individual sale. Competition between car dealers is also on the rise.

Additionally, more and more car dealerships are looking for additional sources of value that they can add on top of new vehicles in order to boost sales. One of these add-on services, paint protection film, is far out-pacing any other. Here’s why.

What’s In It For Your Dealership

A Better Bottom Line

Vehicle paint protection film, or PPF, has a lot to offer car dealerships, especially those looking to give a little cushion to their bottom lines. What many dealerships don’t know is that automotive protection products make up the most lucrative category of additional services you can offer through your finance and insurance office. Adding PPF to your dealership offerings is one of the easiest ways to increase per vehicle profit, and consumers are on-board to protect their new investment.

Easier Reconditioning Process

When you add PPF to your line of offerings, the consumer isn’t the only party that benefits from better vehicle protection. Dealerships themselves can benefit as well. Adding PPF to leased vehicles vastly decreases the damage you have to deal with when that vehicle is returned. The same goes for purchased cars that return as trade-ins. By protecting the car from dents, dings, scratches, and chemical hazards that occur over its life, little is needed to recondition the vehicle when it comes back to the dealer. This aspect of PPF alone can save dealerships thousands of dollars in labor over the years.

What’s In It For Your Customers


Today’s car buyers are more informed than ever — they understand the economics behind the auto industry. They know that the value of their new vehicle drops the minute they drive it off the lot. Furthermore, they understand the importance of taking care of a vehicle so they can get the best resale value down the road. This is where PPF comes in. It gives consumers the confidence they need to go about their daily lives without worrying about everyday wear and tear that their car will incur.


PPF offers a new level of convenience to auto buyers. PPF installation is a quick and easy process that can be done right at the dealer. Top PPF manufacturers like DuraShield provide comprehensive training that allows dealerships to master the installation process, making this service a no-brainer for dealerships and consumers alike.

Longer life for car exteriors

The most tangible PPF benefit is one that consumers can actually see with their own eyes: lasting protection for their vehicle. PPF protects a car’s exterior from the classic hazards that every car is guaranteed to come across in its lifetime. PPF helps vehicles stay in top condition for longer, giving consumers the joy of driving a vehicle that looks brand new.

Adding DuraShield To Your Insurance And Finance Options

Adding DuraShield PPF to your dealership offerings is as easy as getting certified. DuraShield offers the most comprehensive PPF training in the industry. Our on-site installation training gives dealers the opportunity to train multiple installers at your own facility. Additionally, we also offer on-campus training sessions at Sharpline’s Corporate Campus in Wichita, KS.

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When it comes to good investments, PPF is at the top of the list for both car dealerships and their customers. Not only is it the most lucrative add-on product that dealerships can provide, but PPFs give consumers the confidence and security they need when purchasing a new car. With premium products, easy application, and the most thorough certification process available, DuraShield makes it a no-brainer to add PPFs to your dealership offerings.

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