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How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

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how does paint protection film work

Every day, road debris causes thousands of dollars of damage to cars in the form of dents and dings. Nothing is more frustrating to consumers than that initial scuff or scratch to their otherwise flawless car exterior, but once the damage is done there’s not much they can do except take it to the body shop where they will inevitably be charged hundreds of dollars.

However, there is a preemptive option for consumers that can spare them this whole ordeal. It’s called paint protection film, or PPF, and the market for it is booming. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of paint protection films and how PPF works to deliver the ultimate protection to consumer vehicles.

What Is PPF?

Paint protection film is a clear layer of thermoplastic urethane film that is installed by professionals to new or used cars as a means of protecting the surface of the vehicle. The film acts as a barrier, protecting vehicles from many common hazards that consumers will experience at some point in their car’s lifespan.

This technology was initially developed by the military to protect helicopter rotor blades from shrapnel and debris but quickly made its way to the automotive industry, where manufacturers use it to protect cars from superficial damage. PPF is even used on racecars to protect the vehicles from close contact driving.

In addition to damage caused by debris, PPF can also protect vehicles from chemical hazards like rain, gasoline, bird poop, and automotive chemicals. These substances are notorious for leaving stains and dissolving away paint in ugly splotches if left unwashed. Paint protection film protects against chemical agents like these, even if they aren’t cleaned up right away. The best PPFs for stain protection use a pore-free urethane topcoat, which means stain-causing contaminants won’t get trapped in the film, and instead easily wash away.

PPF also keeps everyday wear and tear at bay. From rocks to accidental key scrapes, cars are notorious for getting dents and dings over the years. PPFs like DuraShield Titan stop minor scrapes, and not just on the front end of cars. DuraShield Titan can be installed in a variety of places on a car, to target the areas that take the most damage. From the side mirrors to the door edges, DuraShield gives unparalleled protection to the places that can take a beating. PPF acts as the first defense, taking the brunt of the damage instead of the car’s paint.

Benefits of PPF

Paint protection films deliver many valuable benefits, especially when viewed through the eyes of the consumer. PPF is a useful tool that can help save consumers money in the long run, and for this reason, it is an obvious upsell point to dealers and auto body institutions that offer this valuable add-on service. Here are just a few of the benefits consumers can get when they protect their cars with PPF.

Better Resale Value

PPF is the ultimate protector of a car’s resale value. It protects consumers from expensive repainting costs while keeping the car’s exterior looking as fresh as the day they got it. Paint protection film stays put on a car while it is needed, then, when ready to remove, it peels off clean, leaving an exterior that looks as good as new.

Continuous Protection

PPF offers peace of mind like no other car care. The condition of a car’s exterior no longer depends on where a car is parked, the condition of the road, or the everyday hazards it encounters. Some paint protection films, like DuraShield Titan, come with self-healing properties which can extend this protection for longer periods of time, delivering the ultimate value to consumers.

Invisible Protection

Unlike opaque vinyl bras or hood edge deflectors, PPF delivers a completely transparent protection option. Consumers don’t have to worry about altering the way their car looks in order to get the level of protection they need. And with a non-porous coating like DuraShield Titan, you won’t have to worry about PPF discoloring over time. A non-porous PPF won’t trap contaminants, yielding a truly invisible layer of protection on every vehicle.

Outstanding Fit for Any Car

At DuraShield, we take pride in delivering superior PPF protection to virtually all vehicle models. Our films conform to a variety of complex curves and surface shapes, delivering a seamless installation that will look perfect even years in the future.

The Application Process

The PPF installation process is the key to a flawless finished look. It works like this:

  1. Urethane film is computer-cut to fit the exact dimensions for a specific make and model.
  2. PPF professionals combine these cutouts with an adhesive that bonds to both the vehicle and the film. With DuraShield, our unique adhesive is specially formulated to allow repositioning of the film during the installation process, guaranteeing the perfect fit every time.
  3. Using a variety of different techniques, the PPF film is pulled and stretched to fit every curve of the vehicle. Bubbles and excess solution is smoothed away, leaving an invisible layer of pure protection.

The installation process for paint protection films has come a long way. New technologies have made the entire process simpler and easier from start to finish. DuraShield’s own unique installation process has reduced labor time by up to 20%, which means less cost to dealers.

At the same time, DuraShield has gone to extra lengths to ensure a bubble-free installation process thanks to faster and more thorough installation solution application. That means no moisture or imperfections left behind.

How to Get DuraShield to Your Business

Whether you’re a dealer or a body shop, it’s easy to provide your customers with the ultimate experience in PPF with DuraShield products. DuraShield provides everything you need in a convenient turnkey PPF package, including materials, tools, training, software, plotters, sales and marketing materials, and more.

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