Bug splats, water spots, bird droppings, and road tar are some of the most common threats for every vehicle, every day. Titan’s™ topcoat provides continuous stain resistance to prevent damage to the film and your vehicle.

Titan™ excels at resisting the toughest stains, even when left on for longer time periods. While some products can lose stain resistance qualities over time, Titan™ exhibits persistent stain resistance year after year.

Stain Resistance Testing:
It is not feasible to expect consumers to clean their vehicle within 5 minutes of a stain occurring. This is where many tests stop their analysis. We introduced extra steps in our tests to determine how stain resistance holds up over time.

Tests were performed using Sharpie® permanent marker, bird droppings, hard water spots and bug stains on Titan™.

Removal 5 minutes after stain application:

  • A dry cloth, water or a spray of 70% isopropyl alcohol removes all appearance of the stain.

Removal 7 days after stain was applied:

  • 91% Isopropyl alcohol or Clorox® Clean Up removes all appearance of stains and residue.

Accelerated weathering of Titan™ with 3 years of UV exposure:

  • Stains were removed and film appears as it did the day it was installed.