DuraShield Flex™ Paint Protection Film is an extremely conformable, high-performance product. It provides superb conform-ability on highly-contoured vehicle surfaces, and also provides excellent protection for surfaces exposed to damage from rock chips and road debris.

  • Manufactured with a high-quality release liner and cap sheet to prevent “orange peel” effects that appear in some urethane films.
  • Smooth, clear, high-gloss appearance.
  • Enhanced application conform-ability virtually eliminates the need for relief cuts and seams.
  • A superior urethane surface also delivers greater scratch resistance while maintaining a high, OEM gloss level.
  • Repositionable adhesive allows installers to apply and re-lift as needed without distorting the appearance of the adhesive.
  • Provides excellent stretch capabilities, great for installation in colder climates.

See it in Action

Headlight Restoration Demo

Cap Sheet Removal

Take Your Results Even Further With DuraGlaze Polymer Finish For Paint Protection Films

DuraGlaze is an ultra-slick polymer finish uniquely keeping paint protection films and other automotive/RV surfaces looking showroom new.

  • Use on RV paint protection film surfaces and non-protection film surfaces, too!
  • Creates a slick barrier that repels bug splats, bird droppings, hard water deposits, and other harmful elements.
  • DuraGlaze’s slick surface makes vehicle cleanup easier.

Apply DuraGlaze™ to DuraShield™ paint protection films immediately after installation. Likewise, re-apply every 6 months for non-stop protection. Be sure to follow the provided product application instructions.

DuraGlaze™ Polymer Finish – 16 oz. bottle  #026-55

Order DuraGlaze™ direct from Sharpline Converting Inc. Call 1-800-888-4888 (US and Canada) during regular business hours. Tell the receptionist that you want to order some DuraGlaze™.

DuraGlaze™ Product Flyer

Our recent trip to Georgia was met with about a million love bugs who decided to use our coach to end their life. I applied the DuraGlaze™ to the entire of the coach a couple days prior to the trip. When we arrived at the campsite after a long day of driving and many rain storms. I was shocked to find only a few remaining love bugs on the front. What was left behind came off with so little effort I was laughing.

Bruce Stanford, happy DuraGlaze™ user

Common Questions

What are the advantages of DuraShield Flex™ PPF?

DuraShield Flex™ was developed to be an extremely flexible, easy installation product with a high degree of clarity and gloss. Quality features include:

  • Superior Clarity and Gloss
  • Self-healing, complete urethane top surface
  • Higher degree of puncture resistance for the tougher needs
  • Stretches extremely well on tough bumpers, full hoods and more areas where stretch is preferred.
  • Repositionable adhesive allows you to lift and re-lift without destroying the film.

What marketing materials are available to help me generate sales?

Sharpline Converting, Inc. has a wide array of materials available from counter displays, banners, brochures, videos, apparel, and much more.

I would like to get started in PPF, how do I do this?

Sharpline Converting, Inc. provides a full ten-key business model to give you everything you need to get started in the paint protection film business. This incorporates material, tools, training, software, plotters, business and sales tools, and marketing materials. Please contact us or call 1-800-888-4888 for assistance.

I have used a different film previously, can I use the same installation techniques as I always have?

Installations vary from film to film. Modifying the solutions to work with a different adhesive and different stretch techniques will likely help you make an easy transition. Contact us or call 1-800-888-4888 for technical assistance.

Do you provide training for installing DuraShield Flex™?

Yes. Please visit our Contact Us – Training section for more information on available training options.

What sizes can I purchase in DuraShield Flex™ film?

An extensive selection of widths are available for purchase: 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60”.

What is the warranty for DuraShield Flex™?

DuraShield Flex™ has a 5-year warranty with coverage for defects, yellowing, bubbling, adhesive delamination, and cracking. Please visit the DuraShield Flex™ warranty for complete detail information.

Where is DuraShield Flex™ produced and sold?

DuraShield Flex™ is made in the USA and distributed worldwide. For information on how to purchase, please contact us or call us at 1-800-888-4888.

What other types of products can DuraShield Flex™ be applied to?

DuraShield Flex™ is excellent for electronics, kick plates, motorcycles, bicycles, recreational vehicles, personal watercraft and more. Test to make sure it will properly adhere to the surface area. PPFs are not suitable for windshield applications.