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Counterfeit PPF In China Market

By 10th October 2017 March 10th, 2019 No Comments

Sharpline is committed to selling a high quality, superior paint protection film and take great pride in the quality of our product. We have developed one of the best top coated paint protection films in the market and sell it worldwide.

As with other industries, there are companies and people who lack integrity and are providing counterfeited products to the market. These companies and people are selling products that look like ours, using duplicated packaging materials, copied our literature, and have knowingly created false documents saying they are an authorized distributor.


Beware! You could be receiving material that is not produced by our company Sharpline Converting, Inc.™ under the name of DuraShield Titan XT™ and other DuraShield™ products.

Certificates that say that Durant (who also is believed to have maintain the website is the authorized distributor are either false or no longer valid.

Any product now being sold by Durant, packaged as DuraShield Titan XT™, showing it is manufactured by Sharpline™, and Made in the USA is fraudulent and deceptive.

Our current, exclusive distributor for China for our DuraShield Titan XT™ Made in the USA, by Sharpline Converting, Inc. is Global Films. Any other company representing themselves as the distributor for our company is false.

We encourage you to contact our Vice President of Sales, Becky Casey, for this division at or write to Becky Casey, Sharpline Converting, Inc., 1520 S. Tyler Rd., Wichita, Kansas USA 67209 for any clarification to make sure you are receiving our quality DuraShield Titan XT™ paint protection film.

DuraShield - Titan

DuraShield Titan™ brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film and provides features to protect vehicle surfaces from a wide range of damaging elements.


Improve the safety of automotive glass, boost nighttime vision, and repel rain, snow, and dirt with our long-lasting liquid glass protection.

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