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The Best Headlight Protection

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Car Headlight Restoration

Written by Greg Duchinsky, Sharpline Converting Inc.




The best headlight protection you can buy for a vehicle is paint protection film. PPF defends modern headlight lenses against minor damage from rock chips and road debris, and it helps restore the appearance of older, faded lenses. PPF also provides the best long-term method to keep restored lenses looking like new.

The Cause Of Cloudy Headlight Lenses

Modern headlights use polycarbonates or similar plastics for their lenses. They are lightweight and allow OEMs to creatively integrate the headlights into the overall design of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this polycarbonate material is more susceptible to environmental hazards that cause them to become dull and hazy over the years:

  • Oxidation from UV Light
  • Dirt & Chemical Buildup
  • Chemicals In The Atmosphere

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Modern headlights are too costly to replace (several hundred dollars or more per lens), so restoration is the best alternative.

PPF Is The Remedy

You can watch seemingly endless DIY headlight restoration videos on YouTube: but to summarize them all, restoration of cloudy headlight lenses requires these steps:

  • Prep the area around the headlight…
  • Sand, sand, and sand some more…
  • Polish…
  • Repeat every few months

The alternative is to go to a reputable PPF installer and have them professionally apply DuraShield™ PPF over the lenses. The result will be quite dramatic.

DuraShield™ PPF Headlight Restoration Video

PPF is a cost-effective and more permanent way to protect and preserve modern headlight lenses, because once applied, it seals the surface coating from UV and environmental deterioration and damage.

DuraShield - Titan

DuraShield Titan™ brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film and provides features to protect vehicle surfaces from a wide range of damaging elements.


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