Are Windshields the Achilles Heel of Cars?

When it comes to car damage, it seems like the windshield is always the first thing to go. While many consumers have accepted that chips and cracks are just a part of life, it’s up to car dealerships and repair shops to bring customers into the 21st century with modern solutions for auto glass protection.

The Windshield Lifecycle

Windshields vary from car to car, but on average, a windshield’s lifecycle is a short one. According to Insurance Journal, windshields are the number one insurance claim in the United States, with road debris cited as the main culprit to windshield demise.

The fact is, many of us are still driving around with chipped, cracked, or broken windshields. The problem with this is two-fold: decreased windshield integrity and lower visibility for drivers.

Simply put, a moderately cracked windshield is a useless one. Much like a bicycle helmet, a windshield is designed to protect people from a one-time hard hit. Once that seal has been broken, continued use becomes less safe. Cracks in the glass, especially those close to the edge of the windshield, damage the integrity of the auto glass as a whole. If left untreated and the car gets into a collision, the windshield may act unpredictably, which may lead to more injuries for all parties involved.

In addition to direct safety concerns, damaged windshields are also dangerous due to decreased driver visibility. Chips and cracks can throw off a drivers perception, causing dangerous driving conditions. Smaller cracks tend to spread, so you never know when a crack will get bigger and become a distraction.

Protection from Day 1

Windshield damage starts as a small problem but can grow into an expensive repair. This is why more and more consumers are looking to protect their cars from the minute they drive it off the lot. Luckily, more and more options exist to help bolster windshields against annoying chips, while at the same time increasing visibility and safety.

Liquid Glass Protection is the latest solution for windshield protection. This clear top coat smooths the surface of automotive glass, which is actually rough on a microscopic level. By filling in this pitted texture, drivers can get 35% better visibility, even at night.

The chemical makeup of liquid glass protection really makes the difference. DuraShield’s SharpShield™ is specifically formulated to repel rain and snow and works to physically block damage from airborne road debris.

By reinforcing auto glass integrity from day 1, dealerships can provide consumers with better driving experiences, safer driving conditions, and easier windshield maintenance for up to four years, all with a single application.

Benefits to the Consumer

When it comes to windshields, visibility is everything. Chips and cracks are both unsightly and dangerous, causing more accidents.

Windshield technology continues to improve, delivering stronger, better windshields with every new model of car. However, additional levels of protection exist, and not just in the aftermarket.

SharpShield™ by DuraShield is the key to ensuring windshields stay road-safe for years to come. Its proprietary formula allows the material to change the physical characteristics of auto glass, filling in the pitted texture that many drivers are completely unaware of.

SharpShield™ fills in the ridges as it bonds to the glass, adding 20% greater strength to every windshield. Once performed by our professional installation team, the treatment lasts up to four years with no re-application.

Here are just a few of the benefits of SharpShield™:

Easier Snow and Ice Removal

SharpShield™ forms a smooth layer between a windshield and the elements, which not only repels rain, but allows for easier removal of snow and ice. For consumers, this means no more fighting with the ice scraper during those cold winter months.

Reduced Glare

If you ever find yourself driving down a country road at night, you know that Increased nighttime visibility is a potentially life-saving benefit of SharpShield™. From unexpected obstacles in the road to sudden wildlife crossings, any increase in visibility delivers more time for a driver to react and navigate their car to safety. With SharpShield™, drivers can see 35% better at night, thanks to our special formula that reduces glare.

Better Protection

With SharpShield™, you can deliver auto glass that’s 20% stronger than standard windshields and windows. Liquid glass protection is able to bond directly to the surface of your windshield, protecting auto glass from scratching, pitting, and road debris. Fewer chips and cracks mean better, safer windshields for longer, saving consumers money.

Extending your offerings with windshield protections

You don’t have to be a windshield expert to know how difficult it is to keep a windshield looking pristine. For dealerships and others in the auto industry, this presents an exciting opportunity to provide consumers with a solution to their windshield woes.

By expanding your consumer offerings to include DuraShield auto glass protections, you can provide customers with a wide range of premium products, guaranteed to deliver optimal results. These products deliver the protections that consumers want, saving them time, money, and hassle for up to four years.

Bonus: wiper applications

In addition to liquid windshield protection, DuraShield also offers SharpShield HP3™, an additional water-repellant protection coating that can be combined or sold on its own to provide an elevated level of windshield protection. As a bonus for consumers, HP3 can be applied to windshield wipers to provide even more clarity no matter the road conditions.

In Conclusion

Windshields will always be at high risk for damage. Because of this, more and more consumers are seeking out ways to protect their cars from day 1. Small chips and cracks are known to splinter and cause decreased visibility, which is why windshield protection is a safety issue as well as a cosmetic one.

With DuraShield products, it’s easy to rise to meet consumer demand for better auto protection. From liquid windshield protection to superior paint protection films, DuraShield has everything you need to provide next-level protection to your customers.

Carrying DuraShield products is just one click away. Request DuraShield products here, and you can always learn more about our offerings with this free information kit.


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