Contaminants trapped in film pores can cause discoloration or a yellowing appearance to films on white vehicles. Titan XT’s surface creates an ultra-slick barrier providing enduring optical clarity for years.

  • Crosslink Technology™ creates a non-porous top surface making it virtually impossible for surface contaminants to penetrate into the film.
  • QUV accelerated aging of the film demonstrates an exceptional topcoat, urethane and adhesive system working together with UV inhibitors to counteract harmful UV rays helping to keep your film as pristine as the day it was purchased.
  • Gloss levels match new OEM clearcoats, making it less noticeable when applied.
  • Titan XT™ uses a super smooth liner for beautiful clarity from start to finish.
  • The low surface profile of Titan XT™ makes edge lines from partial installs less visible to the naked eye.


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Optical Clarity