DuraShield Flex™ Features & Benefits

Extreme Flexibility

DuraShield Flex™ Paint Protection Film is an extremely conformable, high performance product. It provides superb conform-ability on highly-contoured vehicle surfaces, and is the choice of industry leading OEMs of high-end motorhomes. It also provides excellent protection to large, custom-painted surfaces exposed to damage from rock chips and road debris.

  • Manufactured with a high-quality release liner and cap sheet to prevent “orange peel” effects that appear in some urethane films.
  • Smooth, clear, high-gloss appearance will not distort the surface texture of the vehicle.
  • Enhanced application conformability virtually eliminates the need for relief cuts and seams.
  • A superior urethane surface also delivers greater scratch resistance while maintaining a high, OEM gloss level.
  • Quick, self-healing properties allow the film to mend minor scratches with sun or heat exposure.
  • Repositionable adhesive allow installers to apply and re-lift as needed without distorting the appearance of the adhesive.
  • Provides excellent stretch capabilities, great for installation in colder climates.
  • Carries a 5-year limited warranty against discoloring, cracking, peeling or adhesive delamination.

DuraGlaze™ Polymer Finish

Use DuraGlaze™ on DuraShield Flex™ PPF.


Keep DuraShield Flex™ performing at its best with DuraGlaze™ Ultra-Slick Polymer Finish. DuraGlaze™ creates a slick barrier to repel bug splats, bird droppings, hard water deposits and other harmful elements. These elements can damage paint protection films, automotive clearcoats and other exterior vehicle surfaces. Please email us to purchase DuraGlaze™ direct.

View/download the DuraGlaze™ safety data sheet.