DuraShield Flex FAQs

For Professional Installers

DuraShield Flex FAQs

For Vehicle Owners

  • What is DuraShield DuraShield Flex™ Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

    DuraShield Flex™ is an extremely durable, virtually invisible urethane film applied to your vehicle to protect the finish from stone chips, scratches, bug acids, and minor abrasions caused by every day driving in all climates.

  • When and what areas should have DuraShield Flex™ PPF installed on my vehicle?

    The best time to install DuraShield Flex™ is before you drive it off the dealership lot or immediately after purchase. On a repainted vehicle, proper curing must be complete first. Film should only be applied on professionally repainted or new vehicles. Investing in a DuraShield Flex™ application keeps your vehicle looking new longer. Common areas for application are:

    • Front areas: Hood, bumper, fenders, mirrors, A-pillars, leading edge of the roof
    • Read areas:  Behind rear wheel (splash guard), top of rear bumper
    • Mid-section: Door edges, rocker panels, and area under door handles
    • Full Vehicle
  • Can I install DuraShield Flex™ film myself?

    Qualified installers have been trained and have experience in this specialized application. This will help to make sure your installation is correctly done and looks great on your vehicle. Sharpline Converting, Inc. advises all consumers to have DuraShield Flex applied by a professional qualified installer. Sharpline Converting, Inc. does not honor warranty on applications performed by a non-Qualified installer.

  • What is the proper care of the DuraShield Flex™?

    Immediately after Installation:

    • Wait 48 hours after installation to wash your vehicle. Lightly wiping the film clean with water and soap will not harm the film. The adhesive will reach its full strength after 72 hours.

    Routine Care: 

    • DuraShield Flex™ can be cared for much like the rest of your vehicle. Removing bug splats, bird droppings and frequent washing will keep your film looking newer longer. Keep your vehicle away from tinted soaps.
    • Scratches will heal in the sun with time. The time frame depends upon the severity of the scratch and the temperature. Top surfaces with a urethane chemistry are typically very self-healing.
    • Do not use abrasive cleaners or waxes on the film. Carefully clean with a soft cloth out of the sun.
    • Wax may and should be applied to film. Do not use any tinted waxes. Remove any residue along edge of film with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swab.
    • Do not use high pressure nozzles next to any film edges.
    • Do not use solvents such as paint thinner, toluene, acetone, M.E.K., lacquer thinner or gasoline on DuraShield Flex™. Test all cleaners in small inconspicuous area first.
    • Apply DuraGlaze™ polymer every 3-6 months for best protection against stains and easy cleanup.
  • Can DuraShield Flex™ be removed?

    Yes. DuraShield Flex™ can be removed years after application. We recommend using a qualified installer for removal. When no installer is available, the material can be removed carefully with a clothing steamer, heat gun, or hair dryer. A clothing steaming will provide the best results for removing film. Soften and warm the film, this will soften the adhesive under the film. Slowly pull back the edge at a 180° angle to the applied surface. Use isopropyl alcohol or an approved adhesive remover to clean any remaining adhesive on the vehicle surface.

  • Can a clearcoat be applied over DuraShield Flex™?

    We do not recommend an automotive clearcoat be used on top of DuraShield Flex™. This is at your own risk.

  • What is the warranty for DuraShield Flex™?

    DuraShield Flex™ has a 5-year warranty with coverage for defects, yellowing, bubbling, adhesive delamination, and cracking. Please visit the DuraShield Flex™ warranty for complete detail information.

  • How much does it cost to have DuraShield Flex™ installed on my vehicle?

    The cost of installation varies, depending on what areas are protected and the market in your area. Use the Find an Installer request for a qualified installer near you.

  • What other types of products can DuraShield Flex™ be applied to?

    DuraShield Flex™ is excellent for protection of select areas of electronics, kick plates, motorcycles, bicycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), personal watercraft and much more. Test to make sure it will properly adhere to the surface area. PPF Films are not suitable for windshield applications.