DuraGlaze Polymer Finish For Paint Protection Films

DuraGlaze is an ultra-slick polymer finish that uniquely keeps paint protection films and other automotive/RV surfaces looking showroom new.

  • Great for use on RV paint protection film surfaces.
  • Creates a slick barrier that repels bug splats, bird droppings, hard water deposits, and other harmful elements.
  • DuraGlaze's slick surface also makes vehicle cleanup easier.

Apply DuraGlaze™ to DuraShield™ paint protection films immediately after installation. Likewise, re-apply every 6 months for non-stop protection. Be sure to follow the provided product application instructions.

Use DuraGlaze on DuraShield Flex™ PPF.


DuraGlaze™ Polymer Finish - 16 oz. bottle  #026-55

Order DuraGlaze™ direct from Sharpline Converting Inc. by calling 1-800-888-4888 (US and Canada) during regular business hours. Be sure to tell the receptionist that you want to order some DuraGlaze™.